Hand Print Frame for Mother’s Day

I love creating homemade gifts for different holidays. They are a great way to mark milestones when you have little ones, they can be more cost effective, they come from the heart and everyone seems to appreciate them.

I was looking for something simple for our toddler (14 months) to make for Mother’s Day for myself, my mom, my husband’s mom and his step mom. This project appealed to me for a few reasons. One, I could easily get the materials. Two, it wasn’t overly complicated. Three, it was a project that didn’t need to be perfect but could still come out looking good, which is key when working with a toddler. And forth, it was within our budget.

What you will need:
Paint, I used paint I already had, but similar paints can be purchased at Walmart for around $0.50.


Picture frame with a large mat that can fit handprints. The frame I used is a 15×17 frame with an opening for a 5×7 picture. In fact, it’s actually meant to be a signature frame. I purchased these at Hobby Lobby. Continue reading