Toddler Taco Tuesday

We love Taco Tuesday in the Clark house. We did Taco Tuesday before having children and the tradition continues. There are times that I really don’t care about our kid making a mess everywhere and I let him eat “real” taco salads or tacos with messy meat. But then there are nights like tonight where it is not bath night and I do not want to give him a bath so we do less messy toddler tacos.

For the adults we had crispy chicken tacos with all the toppings, build your own style with rice and beans too. The chicken is the frozen kind from a bag, nothing fancy.

For Mr. Miles he ate a side of fruit (his favorite), a tortilla with refried beans, some cabbage, cheese, and crispy chicken. Everything on his plate he could pick up and eat himself without making a gianormous toddler sized mess. Everyone wins. He ate it all and wanted more.

I love this meal because it’s super easy, can be healthy and everyone always enjoys it. I am all about easy meals.

As for the nifty plate, we LOVE these. It’s all we use at home for dinners. They are made from recycled milk jugs by a company called replay. They also make utensils, other plates, bowls, cups, and snack cups. They are also priced right and dishwasher safe. To buy them click to visit Squigglybugs and type “replay” in the search.

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