The Only Reason I Really Want to Pack Lunches Again

Since I returned to work from having the baby, well over a year ago, my husband graciously and generously would pack my lunch for me as I took the duty of getting the baby to sleep. Baby stopped needing me to fall asleep, so naturally, husband stopped having he burning desire to pack my lunch. Baby also grew into toddler who eats real food and needed a lunch of his own. Packing lunches wasn’t something I ever looked forward to, until I discovered the awesome thing called a yumbox. 

Let me give you a little overview of the yumbox first. There are two parts to a yumbox. The actual box and the tray. The box is durable, has a large latch that closes it and locks the single silicone lid into place. The other part is the compartmentalized tray which features cute educational pictures of the food groups and also serves as a reminder to whoever packs the lunch as to what should be included.

They come with two options for trays, 6 compartment and 4 compartment. The two different trays are not interchangeable between the different boxes due to the sealing silicone lids. 

Here is what they look like on the outside:

Here is what they look like on the inside:

They offer a variety of fun colors, the outer space one is my favorite!

The 4 compartment yumbox has one 2 cup compartment , two 1/2 cup compartment and a one ounce compartment perfect for dips or a little treat. 

The six compartment yum box has five 1/2 cup sections for the key food groups and one smaller well for dips or treats. 

The yumbox is seriously amazing. And no they did not ask me to write a review. 

The trays pop out of the box for easier cleaning. 

So why do I love these yumboxes so much? 

1. I can pack things like yogurt or ranch dressing easily without having to worry about things tipping, spilling or contaminating other food. 

2. It takes up less space than a billion containers. 

3. Easy to clean. You can even throw it in the top rack of the dishwasher. 

4. Totally portable. I can literally toss it into the diaper bag. We took them traveling on the road with us. 

5. I have a guide of what to pack and how much of it to pack. 

6. They fit into normal sized lunch boxes. 

7. My child can see everything that is being offered at a meal. It’s fun to watch him look and decide on his own what to eat first. He also loves moving things between containers. 

8. I am not having to buy a ton of sandwich bags. Nor are those sandwich bags winding up in landfills. 

9. They really are pretty cute. 

10. The design keeps everything in, it’s virtually leak proof, but due to the large latch are easy enough for a young child to open independently. 

Here’s a look at what my 16 month old and I packed for today. 

If you pack a lunch. If you have kids. If you have a picky eater. You really should look into these. 

Where can you buy this cool product? Well, they are on Amazon. But if you love amazing customer service, supporting a wonderful family and their business, and earning rewards for discounts, you can also buy them at Lil’ Tulips. Be sure to create an account with them before shopping using this link to instantly earn  50 reward points. Again here is the link.

Toddler Taco Tuesday

We love Taco Tuesday in the Clark house. We did Taco Tuesday before having children and the tradition continues. There are times that I really don’t care about our kid making a mess everywhere and I let him eat “real” taco salads or tacos with messy meat. But then there are nights like tonight where it is not bath night and I do not want to give him a bath so we do less messy toddler tacos.

For the adults we had crispy chicken tacos with all the toppings, build your own style with rice and beans too. The chicken is the frozen kind from a bag, nothing fancy.

For Mr. Miles he ate a side of fruit (his favorite), a tortilla with refried beans, some cabbage, cheese, and crispy chicken. Everything on his plate he could pick up and eat himself without making a gianormous toddler sized mess. Everyone wins. He ate it all and wanted more.

I love this meal because it’s super easy, can be healthy and everyone always enjoys it. I am all about easy meals.

As for the nifty plate, we LOVE these. It’s all we use at home for dinners. They are made from recycled milk jugs by a company called replay. They also make utensils, other plates, bowls, cups, and snack cups. They are also priced right and dishwasher safe. To buy them click to visit Squigglybugs and type “replay” in the search.

Click here to visit Squigglybugs and get your own Replay Plate