5 Things I’ve Learned as a Cloth Diapering Dad

Cloth is not much more difficult than using disposables
Yes you do have to to spray out poopy diapers and wash the diapers. But with disposables you will have to deal with blowouts and extra laundry due to blow outs. Disposables also smell gross, something we hadn’t noticed before until we used cloth for a while and then used disposables on a trip.
Snaps vs. Hook and Loop (velcro)
At first as a cloth diapering dad hook and loop were way more dad friendly when it came to changing diapers. Though with time the snaps became not so scary and just as easy.
The support of dads
In all the social media groups there is great support for dads cloth diapering. If a dad has any questions about anything the women and other dads are very supportive and give great answers and feedback.
It’s not just a mom thing
Diapering a child as well as things like baby wearing, breastfeeding support and other general parenting things are not just the moms job. A dad is fully capable in doing all the things a mom can do and should help equally. As bonus when you help your wife with these things is makes her happy. ( Happy wife, happy life).
Prints, Exclusives and Fast fingers
After becoming a cloth diapering dad I’ve realized that cloth diapering moms can be a little crazy. The hype and then the disappointment when an exclusive print is not acquired is a bit nuts, but entertaining not the less. Bottom line is cloth diapers are reusable poop catchers that are a great alternative to disposables without the chemicals.IMG_20160710_203011_wm
Written by Chris
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