Our Anniversary Will Be Awesome Every Year

When you are planning your wedding you put thought into each and every decision. Being a teacher, I knew that summer would be the best time for us to say “I do”. When word started to get out that we were planning a 4th of July wedding on a Wednesday some people thought we were nuts. Some family even suggested that we change it. We weren’t nuts and we weren’t trying to wreck your 4th of July plans. We were trying to have a fun, memorable wedding that would be special to us year after year. 4 years later, we have been successful at achieving that. 

Our anniversary is awesome because we always know what we are going to do. There is no planning. There is no forgetting. There are no expensive trips or fancy dinners. Every year we do the same thing. We watch fireworks, and it never gets old. 

Our anniversary is awesome because we get to spend it together with family and friends every year. 

Our anniversary is awesome because it doesn’t matter what day of he week it falls on. It will always be a holiday. 

Our anniversary is awesome because neither of us ever have to cook a full meal. We picnic with friends and family and only have to bring a dish to pass. 

If you are planning a wedding, I encourage you to choose a date that you want. Don’t worry about what other people think or want. It is a day you will be celebrating forever. Make it great. 

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