4th of July Wardrobe Using Cloth Diapers 

First off, July 4th is our wedding anniversary. Which means anytime a 4th of Julyish patriotic diaper is released I get the burning desire to buy it. Yeah, we have a lot of red, white and blue diapers. 
Secondly, why does it seem like there are half as many boy clothes when compared to girls clothes? What’s a mama of a boy to do? 

Here are some of our styles for the 4th, or any day really. Some of these diapers are exclusives and may not be available for purchase from the retailer. 

The DIY. I do not take credit for this shirt. The baby boy made it at daycare. Paired with the star exclusives from Lil’ Tulips it’s a winning combination. 

 These stars and stripes tanks were purchased at Walmart for around $3 each. They look adorable paired with the regular line up Smart Bottoms, George and Superhero, Smart Bottoms Too Smart Cover in Hero, or GroVia’s Cherry and Topaz shells. All of these products are available at most retailers including Kelly’s ClosetSquigglybugs & Diaper Junction

The Classic. This one is my favorite. The Diaper Junction Smart Bottoms exclusive “Glory” paired with suspenders and a cute little hat. I just can’t get over how cute he looks in this! 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend! 
Click any of the links below to support a small business and buy diapers like the ones pictured:

Click Here to visit Kelly’s Closet 
Click Here to visit Squigglybugs 
Click Here to visit Diaper Junction 

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