The Great Cloth Diaper Change

Today, the Clark Kid and I participated in our first ever Great Cloth Diaper Change. It was hosted by USA Baby in Franklin, TN.

So what exactly is this event? In short, it is a bunch of crazy parents who cloth diaper all changing their babies in one giant room all at the same time. They are held throughout the country on or around Earth Day each year.

We were told to arrive early, so we did! We had to get on the road early since USA Baby is about an hour and a half away from our house.

The Clark Kid enjoyed making new friends and sharing toys while we waited to be let in. Once we got in we received a swag bag and enjoyed playing with the “big kids” on the play equipment. The swag bag was loaded with goodies, reusable wipes, coupons, samples, and an adorable little doll diaper from Rumparooz.

As it neared closer to the time of the actual change everyone shut their cameras off and got ready to change. You hold the cloth diaper you will be putting on your baby up in the air, then change and hold your baby in the air.

Lastly, they raffled off some amazing door prizes, some with quite a hefty price tag!

Attending the GCDC was a fun way to get to know new vendors, meet other mom’s who cloth diaper and give the Clark Kid some social experiences too.

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